The Twilight Pros and Cons List

So, I finished the rest of the first in what is branded as “The Twilight Saga.”  It got better than it was when I posted about it yesterday (thank goodness, right?).  But it still wasn’t awesome and I don’t want to find me my own vampire to obsess about.  I think the easiest way to parse my feelings about the book is in a Pro/Con Smackdown.  Thusly, the Pros:

  • There is some legitimate suspense that picks up in the last third of the book, so it got more interesting.
  • Apparently Stephenie Meyer loosely based this book off of Pride and Prejudice, and I love P&P.
  • The vampires have interesting back stories — they are “vegetarians” in their culture for hunting animals, rather than people.  One of them thirsts for grizzly bear.  Awesome.

That’s about all I can think of right now.  I am marginally curious about what comes next, because according to the ads for the second movie, there are werewolves, which could spice things up.  I liked the werewolf plot lines in Harry Potter.  Cons:

  • I don’t fully understand the rationale for why perpetual 17-year-olds would want to attend high school.  I suppose it’s more convenient for our lame heroine to meet her undead love, but who would want to go through junior year more than once?
  • I don’t believe that any teenage girl, even an avowedly clumsy one like Bella, would be so unaware of the effect that she has on teenage boys.  Furthermore, I don’t believe that writers should make their protagonists into super-alluring-yet-unaware-hotties.  It doesn’t make her more likable, and it doesn’t make me sympathize.
  • There is a hater named Lauren.  Nuff said.
  • Too much dialogue and interior monologue about why Bella is boring and Edward is perfect.  Maybe too much of both, period.

I could probably go on, but I’ll spare you.  Apart from the issue of why vampires would want to/need to attend high school to “blend in,” I’m still uncertain about why all the vampires are super hot and, as noted above, “perfect” in their appearance and physiques.  Are they hot before they become vampires, or is this part of the vampire mystique?

If you can answer my questions, I will gladly appreciate it, even if it’s just a stab in the dark.  And should you come across a vampire, you can’t stab it with a cross.  No word about the garlic yet…


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