Search Engine Terms That Lead People to My Blog: A Meta-Analysis of the Last Quarter

The title really says it all, don’t you think?  I find it fascinating, intriguing, and often-hilarious to discover how people who don’t know me personally have found their ways to Lauren the Bookworm.  Since the end of July, there has been a diverse collection of phrases and curiosities that have brought people here, and I think it’s worth spending a little bit of time thinking about the kinds of books, movies, and randomness that I and my guest posters have written about.

By far the most consistent search that leads people to my blog regards my friend Sarah Prineas’s The Magic Thief series.  (By writing that, maybe I’ll get more!)  Sarah’s first two books have been published, and a third is on the way for May 2010, and apparently people cannot get enough. It seems that her readers want to know when the next book will be out, or they’re curious about specific characters (I’ve had searches for “Nevery Flinglas” and “Rowan Forestal,” two main characters).  What makes me curious about these searches and visits to the blog is that somehow these readers are either bypassing Sarah’s actual website, or they can’t find it, or after visiting her site they come here for more.

Last summer, I went to see the movie “Up” and wrote about how charming, funny, and sweet I found it.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one to be amused by the ersatz Boy Scout troop of “Wilderness Explorers,” who have a war cry that goes, “Caw! Caw! Roar!”  At least four people searching for that phrase have landed on my movie review of it.  What I don’t get is, why would you search for “caw caw roar”?  Isn’t it fairly self-explanatory?

There have been some searches that seem as though they might be hinting at people researching online for class assignments.  My friend Nels wrote about Cormac McCarthy’s dystopic novel The Road, and two people searching for “juxtaposition example” in that novel landed here.  Hope it helped you out with your papers!

I’m delighted that both my low- and high-brow interests have companions in the World Wide Web.  Someone searching for “bachelorette bad grammar” (clearly ticked off by the repeated use of constructions like “her and I”) found a kindred spirit in the Bookworm.  Fellow fans of the nonfiction writer Anne Fadiman looked for her and found my encomium to Ms. Fadiman, truly a devourer of books in her own right.

There seem to be some yearning searchers out there, typing in phrases like “did reading rainbow end?”, “are iowans rude?” and “i keep re-reading harry potter,” and I’m not sure if I was able to give them solace.  Someone looking for “boarding school england” alighted on my discussion of Never Let Me Go.  For those of you who’ve read it, clearly this is not the kind of boarding school that the average person desires to attend.

In any case, however you’ve come to visit me here, I’m glad you did!  I love having this blog — it’s a good hobby, and I try to tend it like a little garden, if one could tend a garden on average three times a week.  Thanks for spending time with me, and come back soon!


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