All Lauren the Bookworm Reads: Never Let Me Go (Installment 2)

Thanks to my friend Ben, who initially recommended the book Never Let Me Go, we have this lovely online book club.  I hope that you’ve been intrigued enough to grab a copy of your own to start reading, and I welcome comments and guest posts.  Here’s Ben’s response to my post.  Spoiler Alert!!

Attraction of the Clones

I enjoyed Lauren’s comments on Never Let Me Go, especially since I also was reminded of The Giver. (Maybe this shows how important that book was in the Holy Trinity English curriculum.) One of my favorite aspects of the book is how it is such a great story about love and what keeps people apart and the fact that the people in the story are clones is really kind of secondary. It is really Ruth’s fault that Tommy and Kathy are apart for so long, not the fact that they give up their organs to rich people. This sounds somewhat unrealistic but reading the book you see how human interactions (even when the humans are clones) aren’t always logical but still can be just as powerful as other circumstances.

Lauren said she didn’t especially like the fact that the exact science of the donations was never explained, but that was actually one of my favorite stylistic choices of the book (which is ironic considering how much I love science). I thought it gave the book a feel of being old, when in fact it is set in the future. And even though the fact they are clones is a key plot driver, the mechanism for it is not the point and I think Ishiguro wanted to focus more on the emotions it caused. It is like Kathy assumed you knew how the donation worked so she didn’t need to go into it since the details were not crucial to the story.  Much like The Great Gatsby doesn’t explain internal combustion, and cars are a key plot element in that book.

I definitely was annoyed by Ruth as well, however I might replace “was annoyed by” with “wanted to stab in the throat with a lightsaber.” However, I think the biggest reason I was so annoyed is because we all know people like her. We all know people who act childishly and keep what they can’t have away from others. And maybe it angered me more to know in the future those people are still around. 😉

So that is what I got. I am glad you enjoyed the book and hopefully some other people did as well.


One response to “All Lauren the Bookworm Reads: Never Let Me Go (Installment 2)

  1. I liked the subtlety of the romance between Tommy and Kathy. Even from their youth, they seemed to have a bond — Kathy could reach Tommy in his temper tantrums, and he was willing to confess to her his secrets. When he and Ruth were in their relationship, it did seem like Kathy was a third wheel, and as the narrator, she isn’t very open about her feelings toward him until Ruth “releases” Tommy back to Kathy. I feel like relationships happen that way in real life — two people feel like they should be together, but they have to wait until a third person gets out of the way, or until the time is right. It’s too bad for Kathy and Tommy that their time isn’t right until almost too late.

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