“Mad Men” Yourself

Lauren the Mad Woman?

Lauren the Mad Woman?

Perhaps you’ve seen the AMC show “Mad Men.”  I wish I had, since it sounds so cool.  Alas, it is languishing toward the middle of my Netflix queue, though I could move it on up if necessary.  I ask because, as you have noticed, I have transformed myself into a “Mad Men” character, courtesy of madmenyourself.comThe Daily Beast has a cute slideshow of politicians and celebrities in the same style.

I’m sorry that you can’t see my cute white purse or the rest of the scene (I’m in a bar with a handsome man).  I thought the full screen download would be a bit much.

What TV show do you wish you could have become part of, even as a cartoon character?  I’ve always thought it would be great to have a “Simpsons” avatar.  Creating the “Mad Men” cartoon reminded me of creating a Mii on Wii, which can make one obsessive about each small detail.  Fortunately, the “Mad Men Yourself” website has a variety of options but not an overwhelming assortment.  Decisiveness is key to an imaginary cartoon life.


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