Updates! Culturemonger, Article of the Day, etc.

So, my alleged “Cultural Digest Du Jour” was initially meant to be a weekly update.  I don’t know the French word for week, and I’m too lazy to learn it.  Also, people generally know what “du jour” is, because they see it next to soup!  Turns out I haven’t updated in 2 months!  Sorry for leaving you out of my cultural encounters; I have remedied this at least for the month of July!

In the last four days I read through three magazines, which is what I love to do during downtime or on plane rides.  I blasted through the latest O (the Oprah mag), Real Simple (best enjoyed by homeowners, but I love the aesthetics of it — super minimalist and creative origami art for each section), and the latest New Yorker, which has a piece about the newest Senator, our very own Al Franken!  I forgot how much I love the print version of the New Yorker, as I actually like the cartoons.  Plus they don’t put all their content up online, which is probably a reasonable model for a media outlet that cannot possibly bring in much in dough relative to paying for investigative journalism.

I’m also partial to the New Yorker as it has long been a home to Mexican-American journalist Alma Guillermoprieto, who writes fantastic pieces on social and political issues in contemporary Latin America.   (She has published books on Latin America that are essentially her magazine pieces collected.)  The Heart that Bleeds is one such  effort where, for example, she goes into Colombian slums to meet young assassins and comes away with insightful analysis that doesn’t cross over to sympathy.  There’s also a good series in one of her books about the previous Pope’s visit to Cuba.

Also, I know I’ve solicited guest blogs from some buddies, but if any of you out there has not received an invite from me to write up something, feel free to do so!  I would love to get more diversity on this wee blog!


One response to “Updates! Culturemonger, Article of the Day, etc.

  1. This post does not lack for exclamation points. Apparently I am feeling exuberant today. I will attempt greater understatement in the future, or I will express my enthusiasm through strong verbs and nouns, as urged on by Strunk & White.

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