Exciting Day for New Books!

Having trekked to downtown Minneapolis in a furious wind and scurried around construction projects, I have just procured not one, but two brand new books!  I haven’t gone book shopping in a long time (part of the recession, you know), so it was fun to go to Barnes and Noble and scope out the scene.  They have a really odd selection of bargain books — I noted several on Jesus as management guru, at least one on cannibalism, and the usual variety of remainder books.

I had time to peruse the bargain section as I waited in line for John Sandford to autograph a copy of his latest book, Wicked Prey, which came out today and which is a perfect birthday present for my stepdad Bill.  Fortunately for me, I’m not going to see Bill for two weeks, so I have plenty of time to preview the book for him. 🙂 Overheard in line while waiting: “He looks just like his picture.”  Indeed.

I also managed to score a copy of my friend Sarah Prineas’s undoubtedly awesome new book, The Magic Thief: Lost.  Sarah’s book website is here, and I have a link to her blog on my regular page, too.  I was super excited when Sarah’s first book came out last summer — I had never known a real, live author before (I don’t count my professors in college who wrote books that no one needs to read).  I bought copies for everyone I knew and got Sarah to personalize each of them.  Once I plow my way through this one, I’ll write it up.  Although the series is for young adults, I really enjoyed the first book and I am looking forward to reading the next one.  And this time, I know to read the secret runes as I go along!

Sidenote on book signings:  I’ve been to a few book signings before, each more interesting than the one today, which was uber efficient.  One was with David Sedaris, who read at the University of Iowa my freshman year.  I waited about an hour outside Prairie Lights after the reading to have a copy of Me Talk Pretty One Day.  Finally, as I got to the table where Sedaris was chain smoking (he had brought a tiny ashtray), I saw a fishbowl filled with candy and a picture plastered on the side with a horrendous vision of dental hygiene gone awry.  Above the photo was a sign that read: “F*ck your dentist.”  Sedaris took time to ask me a little about myself; I think I must have told him something about wanting to work in politics someday.  So, he inscribed, “Lauren – We need more people like you in Washington. David Sedaris.”  Definitely memorable, and one more reason to keep re-reading David Sedaris.


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