Catch-22, for the last time

I finished it!  I finally plowed my way through the final 60 pages last night, which took on a more somber cast.  **Spoiler Alert**  Yossarian realizes that all of his friends have died in war — his major fear, his reason to go AWOL and avoid flying more missions — and he finally realizes his getaway opportunity.  There is, of course, more circular logic towards the end but maybe the knowledge that I was almost finished helped me put up with it.

Final analysis: Interesting, occasionally aggravating book that could have been about 100 pages shorter.  I’ll give Heller credit for tying all his loose ends up in a neat bow.  And now I don’t have to read it again.


One response to “Catch-22, for the last time

  1. Nice job. Maybe you can tell me about it in detail so I don’t have to go through the same thing…?

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